The Deanship of Graduate Studies announces the date for receiving applications for postgraduate programs (PhD, Master, or Medical Fellowships) for the academic year 1446 H with tuition fees. Admission for this year will be to nine doctoral programs, 43 master's programs, and 22 medical fellowship programs. Date of submission: Monday,12/06/1445 H, corresponding to  25/12/2023, end date of submission: Thursday, 29/06/1445 H, corresponding to 11/01/2024.

To view the offered programs and admission requirements, you can visit the admission portal> of the Deanship of Graduate Studies through the Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University website.

For inquires please contact us through

Tel: 0133332585 – 0133332568


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Announcements Deanship of Graduate Studies
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Published on: 03 December 2023
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