Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University (IAU) Vice-Presidency for Academic Affairs represented by the Supreme Student Council and in collaboration with the General Department for Investment & Revenue Development has organized an entertaining event for the university students and its affiliates and their families entitled: (IAU Winter Event) for three days in the Recreation Center at IAU Beach with 6000 visitors.

This event is considered an initiative among a set of student initiatives proposed by the Supreme Student Council aiming to optimize students’ role and empower them as an active partner inside the university and further develop their skills and adopt their creative ideas.

IAU Winter Event embraced 20 student projects and 11 interactive corners as well as a theatre program in participation with Deanship of Student Affairs and both colleges of Education and Science.

 It included a number of entertaining events, cultural activities, theatre shows and sports games in effective participation with the university colleges and a number of stores and supporters as well as student participants and volunteers amounted to 400 male and female students. 

Upon event designing, students depended on a pattern which combines originality and modernity and blends various cultures in a way adequate to the interesting atmospheres which distinguished the event.

The said event comes within a framework to promote belongingness to the university, inspire team spirit among its affiliates via effective communication among individuals of the academic community and consolidate the relationship between students and the university administration as well as giving students and their families a chance for entertainment and enjoyment. 

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Published on: 15 February 2024
Last update on: 15 February 2024
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