On occasion of World Arabic Language Day, the President of Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University (IAU) Prof. Dr./ Abdulla Al-Rubaish has launched Arabic language education program for non-native speakers as he has inaugurated the Arabic Language exhibition which encompassed a number of corners in attendance of Vice-President for Academic Affairs Dr./Ghazi Al-Otaibi, Dean of College of Arts Dr./Meshaiel Al-Okly and in participation with King Salman Global Academy for Arabic Language “KSGAAL” to review their efforts in supporting and serving Arabic language in attendance of a number of specialists in Arabic Language.

Prof./Al-Rubaish has stressed that launching the Arabic language diploma at the University affirms the importance of such great language and its great historical position. Launching such diploma comes as a result of the University’s interest in and keenness to learning Arabic language being of great importance for preserving the linguistic legacy and is considered the most important historical and cultural language worldwide, the President pointed out. Furthermore, launching the Arabic Language diploma, which will be offered next semester, will enhance such efforts exerted to preserve its linguistic and cultural legacy and raise awareness of its importance, promote communication and understanding between the Arabic native speakers and the international community as it will enable students to acquire reading, writing and listening skills in Arabic language which hence fosters ability to communicate and understand the Arabic native speakers in various fields, enhance the Arabic identity and belongingness to Arabic culture which in turn contributes to spreading awareness with the Arabic rich heritage and the cultural values which distinguish the Arab World and therefore consolidate the Arabic belongingness and identity, the President added praising the efforts exerted by Dean of the College of Arts and all participants in this rich exhibition.

On her side, Dr./ Mishael Al-Okly has explained that the exhibition included nine corners relating to and concerned with the Arabic Language. Through this exhibition we enhance the concept of Arabic Language in participation with KSGAAL, Unit of Culture and Arts, the concept of Arabic language and poetry, Arabic language and epigraphy, Arabic language and scripts, technology and poetry, arts and scientific research and Arabic language and poetry represented by the Literary Creativity Award launched by the University. The exhibition aims to celebrate Arabic language in the World Arabic Language Day which the UNESCO has been organizing every year as it launched this year a theme entitled: “Arabic Language is the Language of Poetry and Arts’ where such title has been employed to fit what has been shown to be within a unified identity which made, praise be to Allah, a great success in attendance of students and the faculty and participation of College of Arts, College of Computer Science & IT, KSGAAL, College of Design and Brand Management Unit of Directorate for Public Relations and Media at the University.

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Published on: 26 December 2023
Last update on: 26 December 2023
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