On Tuesday, 3rd Dhul-Qi'dah1445 AH (corresponding with September 26, 2023), the Vice Deanship for Academic Affairs, represented by the Guidance Services Unit at the College of Sciences and Humanities in Jubail, held a lecture entitled “Three Letters That Make a Difference”. The lecture was presented by Dr. Muhammad Al-Subaie, Head of the Ethar Center for Social Studies and Consultations.

The lecture tackled several topics, the main of which are the human self and the personality-based social skills. The presenter also introduces several strategies for effective communication with the family and challenges with family and how to deal with them. Forty minutes of the lecture were devoted to responding to the students’ inquiries about some family problems they faced, and many appropriate solutions were provided for each problem.

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Published on: 01 November 2023
Last update on: 01 November 2023
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