The KFHU Radiology Department provides a range of clinical, diagnostic and therapeutic high quality imaging services and all examinations efficiently to all eligible inpatients and outpatients require by the physicians using state of the art machine. The department staffed with highly qualified Consultant Radiologist, Specialist Radiologists, Senior Radiologic Technologist, Junior Radiologic Technologist, Radiology Nurses and Radiology Secretary.

Hours of Operation

Three (3) shifts: Morning, Afternoon and Night Shifts

  • Each staff 8 hours /day /wk – Total 48 hours /one day off
  • On call duty after morning shift for CT, Special Procedures and Ultrasound Sections.
  • On call for Residents and Consultants on during regular day after 3PM on wards and during Fridays and Saturdays, 24 Hours on call.

Radiology Department provides the following services

  • CT scan 
  • MRI
  • MR Myelogram
  • Vascular Interventional Radiology
  • Special Procedure
  1. BA Swallow, Meal Follow through Studies
  2. Small Bowel Series
  3. Sialogram
  4. Limb Venography
  5. Diagnostic Angiography
  6. Lumbar myelogram
  7. Hysterosalpingogram
  8. Dacryocystography
  9. Post Gastric Band / Sleeve study
  • Day Surgery C-Arm Unit (1) Examination offering:
  1. ERCP, Biliary Stenting , CBD Stone removal
  2. Peritoneal Catheter Insertion
  3. Esophageal Balloon Dilatation
  4. Pylonic Canal Balloon Dilatation
  • Fluoroscopy Room
  • Trauma / General X-ray
  • Intravenous Pyelography
  • Mammogram
  • Bone Mineral Density Spine Scan
  • Steriotactic Breast
  • Ultrasound Section
  • Digitalized Portable Units (3) – Examination offerings:
  • OR radiography and C-Arm Unit Screening.
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