About the College of Medicine

The College of Medicine at the University of Dammam was established by Royal Decree No. H/67 dated on 28-7-1375 AH/1975 CE.  The first cohort of undergraduate medical students was admitted in that same year and graduated in 1981. The College of Medicine pioneered postgraduate medical education in the Kingdom.  It's postgraduate programs were the first to be recognized by The Arab Board of Specializations, the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.


Latest News

Breakthrough Medical Procedure a Success!

A medical team from King Fahd University Hospital in al Khobar recently implanted a  cultivation pump in a woman’s abdomen in order to remove fluid

27 Oct 2014

UoD's iDonate Blood Drive a Succes!

The Department of Clinical Laboratory Science at the College of Applied Medical Sciences in Dammam sponsored the University of Dammam's recen

24 Feb 2015

UoD Students Serve the Hajj Pilgrims

Twenty-six students from the University of Dammam volunteered their time by helping serve the Hajj pilgrims.  These students worked with a medical

04 Oct 2015